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EOS Go is a self-organized group of EOS enthusiasts which aims to help facilitate the launch of EOS and the community around it. [2] ​ The group was founded in 2018. [1] ​The group was originally co-founded by Kevin Wilcox, and Yohann "Bluejays" Calpu. Jenny "Topkpop" was a volunteer in the media area, and produced EOSRad.io, as well as other videos. EOS Go acquired the EOS Go brand in Sept 2018[9]​. 
EOS Go is also the front page for EOS and a hub for the new blockchain internet of value. [2]


EOS Go provides several tools for the EOS community. [1] ​ The EOS Go Forum is a place for people to ask/answer questions about EOS, discuss events, post job listings, and provide value. [2] ​ The EOS Go Telegram ​ provides EOS news and updates. [5] ​ In addition, the EOS Go YouTube ​ channel uploads interviews, video podcasts, and news. [3] ​ One notable interview EOS Go has done was with the architect of EOS, Dan Larimer ​. [7]

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