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EOS Games is an EOS (cryptocurrency) ​ block producer candidate. [2]


EOS Games is using Amazon Web Services ​ for hosting with cloud machine ​ equipped with Intel Xeon ​ 8 CPU ​. [3]


The senior team dedicated to EOS-based gaming projects. The core members of the team have extensive experience in research and practice of Graphene ​ technology, indie games development, community building, and are distributed throughout an expanding global network in China, Singapore, the US and Europe.

Frank Sui is the co-founder. Gao Ming is the lead indie game developer. [3]

Zhong Lin is the Head of Community. He has work experience in Dalao Livestreaming. [3]

Gao Chuan is a Blockchain ​ entrepreneur and gaming developer. [3]


· Network 10 Gbps (up to 25 Gbps)
· AWS Shield (Managed DDoS Protection)
· Intel Xeon 8 vCPUs / 1024GB RAM / 5TB SSD

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