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The following is a list of decentralized applications on EOS.



  • Plactal : Next-generation mobile game advertising on the blockchain [2]
  • TXT: Decentralized advertising economy that pays the viewer [32]



  • Carmel: Decentralized open source tech education platform [31]
  • Everipedia: The next generation encyclopedia built on the EOS blockchain [28]
  • Lab Ledger: Peer-to-peer platform that pays scientists to publish and review scientific papers [30]


  • Chaince: A superior blockchain asset trading platform focusing on EOS projects [13]
  • Ducatur: The first multi-chain oracle framework [37]
  • EOSfinex: The world's first high performance decentralized exchange [16]
  • Tokena: An EOS based decentralized exchange [14]
  • DEXEOS: The World Premier Decentralized Exchange on EOS
  • Newdex: The most used decentralized Exchange on EOS[41]
  • EOSex: It is an hybrid exchange for EOS the community.[42]
  • Tipit: DTM transfer system on social networks[43]

Gaming & Gambling

Payments & Currency

  • Cards and Tokens: A place where you can create, exchange and collect cards of any topic and make money in the process. [10]
  • Cybex: Consumer-oriented partner wallet that removes centralized elements from prepaid systems
  • HorusPay: Decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private encrypted data with international payroll vendors [11]
  • ONEPAY: Decentralized POS Solutions on the EOS Blockchain [9]
  • Starteos: Smart digital wallet, support EOS mapping [12]


  • Armada: Dropshipping platform that increases transparency throughout the supply chain
  • Chintai: High performance, feel-less community owned leasing platform [21]
  • Collective Health: A platform that allows medical researchers to pay patients directly for their medical data.
  • DAO.EOS: A platform that allows you to create your own DAO with one click [36]
  • EOXCommerce: An incentive cryptocurrency e-commerce network [19]
  • HireVibes: A decentralized jobs platform powered by crowd sourcing [23]
  • IDPass: An ID system that helps undocumented people around the world gain access to governmental healthcare and financial services
  • IRYO: Healthcare blockchain protocol decentralizing access to medical data [20]
  • KARMA: designed to incentivize users to do good in the world and receive 'karma' for helping out mankind [34]
  • Smart City Steroids:
  • Zimbra X: The next generation of the Zimbra email and collaboration platform [22]

Privacy & Security

Social & Content

  • AWOO!: Collaboration platform that incentivizes human action toward the creation of value [29]
  • Emanate: Music-technology platform for the blockchain era with artists, creativity and collaboration at the very center [25]
  • Nebula: Decentralized, curated list of professionals and job opportunities [24]
  • ONO: The world's largest free, open-source, decentralized social network for the new generation [26]
  • Sense: The protocol for human knowledge [27]
  • SpringRole: Blockchain powered professional-profile verification and attestation protocol [33]
  • Murmur: Rewards based micro-blogging [40]
  • KARMA: Blockchain based social media platform where users are incentivized for good deed.
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