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EOS Cocos is an EOS block producer ​ candidate. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: http://www.cocosbcx.io/ [3]

Twitter ​: https://twitter.com/cocosbcx [4]

Facebook ​: https://www.facebook.com/cocosbcx/ [5]

Medium: http://medium.com/@CocosBCX [6]

Reddit ​: https://www.reddit.com/user/cocos-bcx/ [7]

YouTube ​: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Krk02QYnSbnpFeBnO0kTw [8]

GitHub ​: https://github.com/cocosbcx [9]

ID on Steemit

Steemit ​ ID: @eoscocos [10]

Official Name: EOS Cocos

Location of Company Headquarters: Beijing, China

Expected Location of Servers: Hong Kong ​; China ​; Japan ​; Singapore

Types of Servers: Cloud

Current Employee List

Haozhi Chen, Chukong CEO
One of the Project (EOS Cocos) founders and a renowned serial Internet entrepreneur ​ in China ​. He founded Chukong Technology, a leading Chinese game developer and publisher with operations in USA ​, Japan ​ and Korea ​. Chukong is the largest sponsor of Cocos engine, the No. 1 game engine in China and No. 2 globally. Since 2009, 1.1 million developers registered on Cocos community, while 3 million developers are estimated to have used Cocos engine. The ad network subsidiary of Cocos covers 14 million daily active users and 605 million devices globally. He has extensive business cooperation with leading game companies and relevant industry parties worldwide. [2]

Richard Yang, Co-founder of 6.cn, MD
Another Project (EOS Cocos) founder who has 14 years working experience in technology entrepreneurship and investment. He co-founded a leading live streaming platform in China, and has completed transactions with over USD 1 billion in aggregate value as a professional private equity ​ investor. His specialty includes technology and multi-asset-class macro investment. He is a venture partner to a leading technology fund in China and the US, and advises international hedge funds ​ and corporations on their capital and investment affairs. [2]

Gary, Chief Consultant of Developer Community
Founder & Manager of CocoaChina, which is the Chinese-version Cocos game engine community.
Co-founder of Chukong Technology.
Rich experience in product and technology management and worked for Youku ​, Renren ​ and some other famous technology enterprises. [2]

Jianhui Yin, Chief Technical Adviser
Early contributor to the CocoaChina community.
Winner of NOI and the ACM guest.
Senior blockchain developer with years of experience in programming and distributed computation.
Active cryptocurrency ​ investor. [2]

Zhe Wang
Master’s Degree holder, graduated from Xiamen University
Cocos game engine founder
CEO of Xiamen Yaji Technology
Vice-President of Chukong Technology [2]

Jane, Vice-President of Chukong Technology
Graduated from Hangzhou Institute of Business
Once served as: Nortel ​ Sales Manager; Nokia ​ BU Head; Unison Networks ​ VP; GluGame General Manager of China; Ovi Store ​ Game Leader in Nokia Developer Relation; and Director of Major Developer Relations in Intel ​.
Joined Chukong Technology as Vice-president since 2014; established CVP platform in 2015 which converged elite developers; founded famous public creation brand “Ai Pu Zhong Chuang” in the same year; and founded the first blockchain developer technology community in China in early 2018. [2]

Technical Specifications

CPU: XEON E5 2699V4 55MB Smart Cache (3.6GHz Max Turbo Freq.) 22 Core 44 Threads
Memory: 1TB DDR4 @ 2400
Hard disk: 2T SSD
Storage: 20T hard disk

The aforementioned information is that of the main server configuration of the three servers with 66 cores and 132 threads. [2]

Scaling Plan

According to capacity expansion requirements, EOS Cocos will use both public and private clouds for capacity expansion.

Public cloud can be extended to 128 cores and 20T storage with multi-group and multi-machine backup. [2]

Community Projects

EOS Cocos will regard EOS as a basic service and provide essential features of game development and operation for EOS mainline code. Moreover, EOS Cocos will contribute to the EOS ecosystem in the aspects of infrastructure, open source code, community organization and ecological construction, such as access to various types of applications,incubation, and education and training for the developer ecosystem. [2]

In addition, EOS Cocos will provide blockchain project transformation plan to facilitate developers to quickly transplant more blockchain applications to EOS main network. [2]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @eoscocos [11]

Block Producer Roadmap

2018 Q2
Participate in the candidate campaign [2]

2018 Q4
Support 10 basic EOS applications
Establish EOS Cocos Foundation Funds for incubation [2]

Organize EOS offline salons in at least 10 cities around the world
Recruit at least 200 EOS developers and provide them with financial support
Provide training courses and capacity-building to at least 5,000 EOS developers
Facilitate the practical implementation of at least 15 applications [2]

Position on Dividends

EOS Cocos will never tolerate or support any vote-buying behavior.
EOS Cocos will develop a webpage for monitoring vote-buying based on the EOS main chain and any vote-buying behavior in the community will be publicly reported.
EOS Cocos will never ally itself with any voters and object to introducing the idea of dividends and bonus into the EOS community. EOS Cocos will do its utmost to oppose this idea. [2]

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