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EOS Canada is a block producer​ candidate for EOS leading through technology. It is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.


EOS Canada was founded by a team with a deep tech background and previous experience in entrepreneurship, blockchain, security, network deployment, law and finance.[3]

EOS Canada has been actively involved in the creation of the orchestration tool for the BIOS Boot sequence, as well in building various community tools necessary for the ecosystem to flourish, including an API library for Golang.[4] ​ Its objective is to become a hub for companies, entrepreneurs and developers who want to build infrastructure and decentralized applications on top of EOS​.

Community Involvement

  • Developed & offered to the community `eos-bios`, an orchestrator for a decentralized EOSIO blockchain network boot
  • Lead the community through multiple testnet launches to prepare for a successful mainnet launch
  • Built *eos-go, the first fully-fledged toolkit to interact with EOSIO blockchains in Go
  • Built `eosc`, an easy to use command line tool for storing your private keys and interacting with any EOSIO blockchain
  • Sharing our deep EOS knowledge with the community, through posts and video series
  • Built an illustrative revenue model for all Block Producer Candidates to utilize for their operating forecasts
  • Deep involvement in the design discussion of the initial Constitution, Block Producer agreement, and creation of the Worker Proposal System for the EOS mainnet


  • eos-go[16]
  • eos-bios
  • eosc
  • eosforum
  • eos bp tools
  • eosq
  • dfuse[14]
  • BLOG
  • ABC's of EOS
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