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EOS Block Producer App Coalition (BPAC) is an EOS block producer ​ candidate headquartered in Bangalore, India ​ and made up of four EOS application developers. EOS BPAC is focused on enhancing the EOS app ecosystem and representing the stakeholder community of EOS smart contract developers ​. [2] [4]

The four developers are from BLOCKv, a programmable blockchain layer; Workcoin, a decentralized platform for freelancers ​; SpringRole ​, a protocol for professional attestations; and, White Rabbit ICO, an ICO discovery and indexing platform. [4]


Public Presence

Website URL: https://bpac.io/ [2]

Twitter ​: https://twitter.com/eosbpac [5]

ID on Steemit

  • Steemit ​ ID: @eosbpac [4]
  • Official Name: EOS Block Producer App Coalition
  • Location of Company Headquarters: Bangalore, India
  • Expected Location of Servers: Bangalore, India
  • Current Employee List:
  • Reeve Collins ​ (BLOCKv): Project Lead
  • Kartik Mandaville ​ (SpringRole): Technical Lead
  • Kurt Braget ​ (White Rabbit) : EOS App Store Lead
  • Fred Krueger ​ (WorkCoin): Community Lead

Tech Specs


EOS BPAC's BP network will scale servers and RAM as needed to maintain optimal throughput as the EOS network grows. They will continuously monitor performance metrics and proactively upgrade resources to solve for bottlenecks of performance to the chain. [4]

Community Projects


One of EOS BPAC's first objectives is to educate and support developers who have built on Ethereum ​ with transitioning to EOS. They will provide free educational resources to developers, available online and at meetups throughout the world via our app coalition network. EOS BPAC will also provide free tools, via BLOCKv, for developers looking to build on EOS or move their tokens from Ethereum to EOS. Additionally, they are working with state governments in India to setup blockchain training for students. [4]

EOS App Store

EOS BPAC is building and and will maintain an EOS application directory, called EOS App Store, for all applications being built on EOS. [4]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: http://t.me/eosbpac [4]

Testnet : http://testnet.bpac.io:8888/v1/chain/get_info

Position on Dividends

EOS BPAC has stated that they will not offer payment in any form to voters for any reason. [4]

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