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EOS Argentina is an EOS Block Producer ​ based in Buenos Aires ​. [1]

Mission and Values

The mission of EOS Argentina is to promote blockchain adoption through the use of EOS in a region that has already accepted cryptocurrency as a viable alternative to fiat currencies. [3] ​ The organization plans to promote EOS adoption through community building, EOS Tech Promotion, dApp development, and Infrastructure Upkeep. [2]


The EOS Argentina team is made up of professionals with experience in Development, Operations, Marketing, Management, International Law, Entrepreneurship and Science. [3] ​ Most of the team has been involved in the crypto world for several years in particular with Steemit ​ and Bitshares ​. [3]   ​ The members on the EOS Argentina team include Sebastian Castro, Jesus Chitty, Martin Fernandez, Gustavo Michiewicz, Sergio Yuhjtman, Carlos Fernandez . and "Mini" [3]


Launch Stage

Infrastructure Overview

During EOS.IO Launch EOS Argentina will use cloud servers from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Services, both in South America premises, in order to provide enough flexibility during the initial stage in which the infrastructure requirements are not fully defined and adapting fast to the changing environment will be mandatory. [3]

EOS Argentina has identified two types of architectures that are necessary for the EOS Network; Block Producer Architecture and API + Seed Node Architecture. [3]

Stable Stage

While Cloud Services provide the initial required flexibility, once the requirements of EOS.IO are more clear and stable, EOS Argentina is planning to move to a bare-metal architecture which will provide more efficiency. [3] ​ Scalability Key Points: [3]

  • Scaling: Implement bare-metal data centers in LATAM.
  • Infrastructure Failover: Maintaining a fall back on Cloud.
  • Juridical Failover: we will have multiple contracts in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Security: For TX signing, we are going to use a HSM Hardware Security module.
  • API + Seed nodes will be maintained on the Cloud using EC2 and Google Cloud.


EOS Argentina has built their own testnet EOS Aurora and is intended to provide a practice playground for block producers and developers as well as a testing environment for TXs and invalid contracts. [3] ​ In addition, the organization is running a node on the Jungle Testnet under the Producer Name eosargentina and on the Host Testnet under the Producer Name eosarg. [3]

EOS Community Outreach

EOS Argentina intends to be an active part of the EOS community in a number of ways. [3] ​ They plan to create an EOS Academy for free-consulting and teaching people how to utilize the EOS blockchain. [3] ​ The EOS Latam Incubator will be a place that will foster the development and growth of dApps. [3] ​ In addition, EOS Argentina will continue planning meetups and hackathons as well as collaborate with other organizations to further the evolution of EOS. [3]

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