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Emmanuella Samuel[1] is the youngest, biggest and most popular kid celebrity Nigerian comedian.

Early Life And Education

Emmanuella was born on 22 July, 2010 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. She is from Imo State, Eastern Nigeria but lives with her uncle Mark Angel who is from Port Harcourt, Nigeria

She has been living with Mark Angel and his family ever since she was birthed. Her parents are alive and proud of her although they don’t share the same location. She is a pupil of prefect International School Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Career Life

With Mark Angel visionary eyes and the relationship of living together with her from birth to cradle, he was able to detect huge potentials in the young Emmanuella. He saw more of this talent in her while she was in his acting school at age 6 and in primary one. True to his findings, she outshines every other kid in talent and aptness. Her very first role in acting sealed the conviction for Mark Angel that his young niece was really talented and ready to shoot the stars. Subsequently, Mark Angel choose her for grooming and together they began producing comedy skits and uploading them on YouTube. They have done so many best selling videos.

You can’t possibly hide a light and so from their maiden comedy skits, they became a new sensational duo sweeping the country and sending everyone into fits of laughter.

From the onset, some thought because she was Mark’s niece that’s why she was picked and made to rise sky high, but her talent settled that notion immediately.

The first comedy skit that brought her into sheer prominence was titled “My real face”.

In the skit she was able to prove to another pupil that she wasn’t on her “real face” and that it would be risky if the pupil goes to the principal to report her due to facial uncertainty and the problem of recognition.

This particular comedy skit announced her as a rising star with over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

This success recorded on YouTube was all the morale Mark and Emmanuella needed to do other skits and get famed the more.

Other skits that followed include “you will not understand “, “Landlord”, “Police Officer “, “2000 words “, “You have sense “, “Tea is free” and many others.

All of Emmanuella’s comedy skits are on YouTube and viral in various social media platforms.

Emmanuella has been able to combine her career and her education effectively with the help of her uncle and her school principal.

Both have ensured that her academics does not suffer because of her fame.

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