Emerald (Artist)

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Emerald also known as Echo or Lady Echo is an American Artist based in Los Angeles, California. She specializes in graffiti, painting, murals, and sculptures. [1] [+]

Early Life

She was born in south Miami during the mid-1980’s and grew up as the youngest and only daughter in a family of three boys. As a young girl, her favorite activity was riding on the back pegs of her oldest brother’s bike while being taught how to read the signatures of Graffiti artists from around their neighborhood. [1]

Education & Career

Early beginnings

By 1994, Emerald had established a graffiti tag and was learning how to use spray paint. Her artist name Echo is derived from the word echolalia, Echo being the root from greek mythology. [+] She chose the word from a list while doing English homework. [+]

In 1999, she began pursuing graffiti and art as a passion. She attended a pre-college program at Pratt Institute (just before 9/11) during the summer of 2001, receiving only a month of formal training in painting, drawing and art history. She has continued painting ever since. Many of Emerald’s works can be found interacting in public spaces throughout the United States and Europe, as well as freight lines from the United States to Mexico and Canada. [1]

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