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EagleCoin is the first step of the EaglePay project, which is aimed at developing a payment gateway system using blockchain technology. EagleCoin is an ERC20 Ethereum token that functions as a digital asset. EagleCoin holders will receive a 1:1 EagleShare upon the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Each EagleShare represents one ownership unit of EaglePay Holding; EagleShare holders will receive an annual dividend (if any) from the net profit of EaglePay Holding. The dividend will be given as an EAGLE (unit of EagleCoin) and/or ether.

EagleCoin investors will receive three benefits. First, they are eligible to receive a
staking reward. Second, as EagleShare holders, they will receive an EagleShare token and dividend (dependent upon the performance of EaglePay Holding). Finally, investors will receive a profit if the value of EagleCoin increases. We believe, with our roadmap and limited
number of tokens in supply, the value of EagleCoin will increase significantly. However, it is
important to note that we are not able to define the target price at this time because it depends on the market mechanism.

During this decade, the use of blockchain technology has continued to spread around the world. More than one thousand cryptocurrencies and tokens have been released to date. Several
applications of blockchain technology have been proposed and some of these have already been
implemented. As a result, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are gaining in
mainstream acceptance. Security, low fees, and anonymity are among the reasons why people
are drawn to this technology. The expectation that cryptocurrencies will increase in value has
attracted increased investment interest. Recently, between 2.9 million and 5.8 million unique
users created cryptocurrency wallets, with the result that the market capitalization of all
cryptocurrency has reached USD 25 billion in March 2017 (Hileman and Rauchs, 2017).
Blockchain technology, which relies upon decentralized control, as opposed to a
centralized electronic money or centralized banking system, has a big potential to be
implemented as a payment system. In a decentralized payment system, the transaction can be
validated and secured without the presence of trusted intermediary parties.


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