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Dave Nardolilli, better known as Dubloadz, is a dubstep DJ and electronic music producer based in Los Angeles, California.[2] He calls his style of music "Savage Wonk."[7]


Nardolilli grew up in Ringwood, New Jersey. His father is a entomologist/salesman while his mother was a homemaker. Nardolilli credits his artistic side from the mother's side of his family. He went to college to study art and illustration.[+]

Before, Nardolilli was into metal and drum and bass. He learned how produce from his metal days and at one point wanted to be an audio engineer. It was in high school that Nardolilli began listening to drum and bass and was "obsessed" with artists such as Limewax, Counterstrike, Current Value and Nanotek because it reminded him of the electronic version of metal.[5] Nardolilli first began to experiment with Reason when he was 17.[6]

Nardolilli was introduced to more EDM in college was not into most types of it until he heard dubstep for the first time, specifically the BAR9 remix of 'Go'. After he drove to see Rusko he became immersed in the genre.[5] Nardiolilli would drop out of school and move back in with his parents. He describes this period as a low point in his life and he was working several dead-end jobs.[+]

As a hobby, Dubloadz would write dubstep music and when he gained the confidence, he started releasing it on his SoundCloud. The first track that Dubloadz produced was "Fight Music" which would be played by artists at the time such as Getter, P0gman, 50 Carrot and Coffi.[5]

In 2014, Dubloadz would release music off of labels like SMOG, Rottun and Never Say Die and would tour around the world.[7] In 2017, he released his debut album Dubloadz and 9000 Ghosts off of Disciple Records.[4]

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