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David Siemer is a venture capitalist ​ and cryptocurrency ​ enthusiast. He is the founder of several VC-related entities, including Wavemaker (an early-stage fund for tech startups) Siemer & Associates (a global technology investment bank ​), and Wavemaker Genesis ​ (a Blockchain and cryptocurrency ​ consultancy firm). [1] [5]

He hosts the Siemer Summit , an annual event in Santa Monica ​ which connects global technology leaders to network and discuss ideas within the software and digital media industries. [17]

Early Life & Education

Siemer was raised in Columbus, Ohio ​. [0] ​ He received his Bachelor's ​ in Accounting ​ & Management Information Systems ​ from Lehigh University ​ in 1996. He later earned his M.B.A. ​ in Finance ​ and Economics ​ from the University of Chicago ​ in 2004. [7]



David Siemer started his career in 1995 working at Desco Investment Group, a Chicago-based Internet and software venture fund. [19] ​ In 1997, he became a Senior Analyst, performing various analyses for companies and industries. [7] ​ He became a partner at Desco Capital in 2001, where he managed venture capital ​ investments for several companies. He helped sell Total Control Products General Electric ​, Conquest Communications to AT&T ​, StorageApps to Hewlett-Packard ​, and Enact Software to Sage SalesLogix. [7]


David Siemer giving a keynote speech

In 2003, Siemer began pursuing his own venture capital ​ endeavors and founded Wavemaker Partners. Formerly known as Siemer Ventures, Wavemaker assists early-growth tech companies ​ to achieve their full potential. Since then, he has invested in over 150 Internet, Mobile and Enterprise technology startups. [7] ​ Supporting close to 100 active portfolio companies, they make an average of 20 to 30 new investments each year in digital media startups.

In 2014, Wavemaker Partners became a member of the DFJ Global Network , one of the world’s leading venture capital collectives. [18]

Montgomery & Co.

In 2005, David began working for Montgomery & Co. ​ He served as a key member of their Digital Media Investment Banking Group, where he led sales to major media companies such as News Corp ​, Google ​, Sony ​, Yahoo! ​, Hearst, Viacom ​, WPP, and Disney ​. [7] [19] ​ He also managed equity private placements from multiple venture capital firms and hedge funds. [7] [19]

Siemer & Associates

In 2007, Siemer founded Siemer & Associates (S&A), an investment bank that works with technology, software, and digital media ​ companies throughout their complete life cycles. [7] ​ S&A became one of the largest boutique ibanks ​focused on cross-boarder M&A and Capital Raises.

In October 2016, S&A was acquired by CEC Capital Group . [20] ​ He is now the Registered Principal for the firm. [19]

Wavemaker Genesis

Youtube Video
ICO Insight featuring DreamTeam and Investor Interview with David Siemer

In June 2017, David Siemer co-founded Wavemaker Genesis, a joint venture between Wavemaker Partners and angel investor Scott Walker. Together, they aim to bring an early-stage venture strategy to the cryptocurrency ​ and blockchain market. He is the firm's General Partner and has helped Wavemaker Genesis invest in several crypto and blockchain entities, including Ethereum, EOS, Civic, STORJ ​, and more. [22]

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