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Draper Esprit is a European venture capital firm that invests in disruptive technology companies. [1]


Draper Esprit was founded in 2006 as a sub-organization of the Draper Venture Network. They specialize in early stage growth, leveraging their international network of experts and advisers to help build companies to scale. CEO Simon Cook brings over 20 years of experience in European venture capital, COO Stuart Chapman brings over a dozen years of experience to the table, and Tim Draper is the head of the illustrious Draper Venture Network. [2]


In a move that's considered unconventional, Draper Esprit went public on the London Stock Exchange and raised $146.1 million in their Initial public offering. VC funds usually operate on a five-year investment cycle and then a five-year exit period, which Draper Esprit feels is too short to build a sustainable business. By not being forced to exit, they can hold on to the biggest and best companies for a longer period of time. [3]


Some of Draper Esprit's most high profile investments include Revolut, Trustpilot, Graze, Ledger, TransferWise, Graphcore and many more.
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