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Dr. Kate Holterhoff is an American Literary Scholar ​ and Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Institute of Technology ​. [1] [2] ​ She is also an instructor in the Digital humanities ​ ​department. [3]

Photo of Kate Holterhoff with a brick wall behind her.

Apart from academia, Holterhoff is the Director at Visual Haggard, a digital archive project. [4]


Holterhoff has lived in several cities in the East Coast ​ of the United States including

Cincinnati, Manchester, and Dartmouth. [5] ​ She is currently living in the city of Atlanta ​ where she is also working. [6] [7]


After completing her secondary education she attended university in in the state of Ohio ​. [8] ​ She received her BFA in Fine art ​ from the University of Cincinnati ​'s College of Design Art Architecture & Planning. She graduated Magna cum laude ​. [9] [10]

Kate Holterhoff scanned Maurice Greiffenhagen illustrations as shared on her twitter account.

She also received her BA in English ​ also at the University of Cincinnati and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2007. [11]

She would later receive her Master of Arts ​ in both English ​ and Comparative literature ​ from University of Cincinnati. [12]

Carnegie Mellon University

In 2016, Holterhoff received her PHD ​ in Literary and Cultural Studies at Carnegie Mellon University. [13]


Throughout her academic career, Dr. Holterhoff also worked as an instructor in which she has taught many courses over the years. [14]

Areas of teaching and research include: Victorian Literature; History of Science: Evolution; Visual Culture; Digital Humanities; Gender, Race & Class Identities; Fiction of Empire. [15]

She taught at Saint Anselm College ​ and also at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth ​ full-time. [16]

She has also taught courses at University of Cincinnati and Carnegie Mello University. [17]

Other Projects

Dr. Holterhoff is currently the Director of Visual Haggard, a digital archive organization that she help create. [18] [19]

She has also worked as a project manager at ArtWorks while in Cincinnati. [20]

She is an adept Frontend Developer who has experience with UX ​. At Georgia Institute of Technology ​, Dr. Holterhoff is a Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral fellow where she has taught many courses in the Digital Humanities department. She has also published peer-reviewed articles in academic journals. [21] [22]

Work With Genius (website)

Dr. Holterhoff is a user and supporter of the Genius ​ annotation platform. Although she primarily uses her own account to annotate lyrics, which is the focus of the site, she sees value in the site's original vision of using the same software and community to annotate literary texts. [18]

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