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Don Kel is an American rapper. He is based in Atlanta.[1]

who also has close ties in the Music industry . Originally from HURLOCK , MARYLAND the new wave artist is looking to make a huge splash in the music industry, It’s only a matter of time before he’s mainstream.


1. DON KEL, used to be a 4 star recruit

in basketball Before getting caught up in the streets.

2. DON KEL, Released Music and gained a huge Fan base while on the run with the law.

3. KEL, is not from Atlanta. Born in Maryland , he moved back and forth From Maryland To Philadelphia , PA

spent his summers in Atlanta with his Dads side of the family, and that’s where his Atlanta ties/ roots Come from.

Early Life & Education

Born December 3rd 1994 in Hurlock , Maryland . Don Kel had dreams of becoming an athlete. He went on to play Basketball in high school and at the collegiate level before taking on a music career.


Don Kel stared rapping recently , December 1st of 2018 with breakout hits , ON ME , THE MONTH OF APRIL, SUM MORE AND BLOW . Hitting over 100,000 steams in the first week Alone.

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