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Matthew Philpott-Jones , better known as DMVU , is an American dubstep ​ producer and DJ based out of Denver ​. He is known for his song "Bloccd", "The Acid is 2 Loud", and "Construction Yaper." [12] [10] [9]


DMVU playing live

Matthew became involved in music at a young age playing drums and piano as a child. [8] ​ In high school, he moved towards using his computer to create hip-hop production, but eventually found his way into the dubstep community. [8] ​ At the beginning of his career, DMVU was working at subway and DJing locally. It was not until 2017 that DMVU found success with his song "Bloccd." [9] ​ He would later release his first project Cloccworcc in the same year. [1] ​ In 2018, he dropped his second EP, Moon Man , which was released by Circus Records ​. [1]


His musical influences are rooted in hip-hop and soul music with artists like Madlib, Dilla, Sam Cooke and Sarah Vaughn as well as dubstep producers Mala, Kahn and Skream. [8] ​ Weirdness plays a substanial role in DMVU's image and music and some of his weird heroes include Tom Waits ​, Sun Ra ​, Aphex Twin ​, and David Lynch ​. [15]

Discography [1]

Cloccworcc EP- 2017

Moon Man EP- 2018

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