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dMania is an app on the Steemit blockchain for posting your favorite memes, funny pictures, gifs and videos. Because dMania is based on the Steem blockchain, you can make money by posting, commenting or upvoting posts. Just like on Steemit. Steemit is a great platform, but it isn’t the best choice for every kind of content. Steemit is great for blog posts just like on Reddit or Medium. For other kind of content, there is a need for different platforms. That is why there are other apps on Steem like @dtube, @dsound, @dlive and @dmania.

Memes and more

For a lot of people (me included) writing blog posts isn't easy. Many aren't talented writers, their native language isn't english or they are just not interested in writing blog posts. dMania provides them an alternative with memes. dMania is an easier entry point for users to the Steem blockchain. I tried to make posting on dMania as easy as possible. All you need is a picture and a title, that's it. Blockchains are completely new to most people. They don't know anything about private keys, wallets, tokens, ..... Most people just don't care. What they do care about is when they suddenly get rewarded for their posts, comments and upvotes. Especially when it's as simple as posting memes. That's why I think dMania is perfect to introduce a lot of new users to the Steem blockchain.

The users control the content

dMania is about memes and funny stuff. Ultimately people can post anything they like.

dMania in 2018

In 2018 I want to introduce dMania to the rest of the world. dMania already has the most important features and I think it's awesome. Of course I will make it a lot better in 2018, but the main goal is growth. One reason why I created dMania was because I wanted to show more people what the Steem blockchain can do. The social media industry has to change. Only a few are rewarded and most people get nothing. That's not fair and we as a community have to show them that there is a better way to do it. I have been working on dMania in my spare time so far. From now on I will be working full time on dMania. When I focus 100% of my time on dMania it can only get better. Finally I will have time to promote dMania outside of Steem and not only focus on development.

Goals in 2018

  • More users dMania has over 1000 unique visitors a day. Not so bad for a website that has lauchned only a few months ago. Most users are still coming from Steemit. That has to change. I already did some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I am working on the Facebook an Twitter page. I will also run some ads and spread the message of dMania and Steem.
  • dMania app An app for dMania would be great. A lot of users have already requested it. There are still some things missing on Steem that are very important for an app, like user friendly log in and sign up. I think those issues will be resolved in 2018. A friend of mine just joined the dMania team and he will be working on an app for dMania.
  • Better usability I think one of the most important things for a website is the usability. It should be easy to use. Some small features can make a big difference. I will try to make using dMania as easy and smooth as possible.
  • Notifications dMania already has a simple notifications feature. I want to improve it and notify users when they got big uvpotes, a lot of comments or have been selected as Chosen One. I am going to add browser notifications besides the notifications on the website.
  • Tag pages I will probably add tag pages on dMania when there is more content. For now I think it is not that important. There are still some technical limitations on Steem that dMania can't have it's own tags. Maybe that will change or I will find a workaround.
  • Follower/Following I would be really cool to follow your favorite memes posters on dMania and have your own meme feed. Unfortunately if you follow someone on Steem, you will follow him also on Steemit. Most people don't want to see on their Steemit feed a lot of memes. That's why I couldn't add that feature so far. Maybe the Steem API will allow following user per app at some point.
  • dMania token Will dMania get it's own SMT token? I have no idea. I need more details about SMT tokens and how they actually work to decide that. Atm everything works fine without a token, so I don't see the need.

On dMania, 15% of the rewards of every post are distributed among dMania supporters. The Chosen Ones System selects three Chosen Ones from the dMania supporters and assigns them 5% of the rewards when someone creates a post or comment.

To become a Chosen One, all you have to do is to delegate Steem Power to dMania. The more Steem Power you delegate, the higher your chance to become a Chosen One. The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power to upvote posts on dMania. dMania supporters control the bot upvotes based on the amount of Steem Power they have delegated. [2]

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