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DEZA, a. s. Valašské Meziříčíprocesses Coal tar and Benzene, by-products from coal coking, from which it produces a wide range of products with wide application. [1]DEZA, a. s. Has its seat in Valašské Meziříčí. One of the plants is in Otrokovice.DEZA, a. s. Sells its products all over the world. There is also a terminal in the Polish Port of Świnoujście.History

1892 - Establishment of the Juli Rütgers tar distillation plant in Ostrava.

1905 - Plant for complex processing of tar and benzol from coking plant of the Ostrava

- Karviná region. Processing of tar and benzene and production of anthracene, carbolic acid and phenol, naphthalene and pyridine.1921 - Julius Rütgers became the Commodity Company.1945 - Nationalization of the Limited Company Julius Rütgers.1946 - Ostrava chemical plants, national enterprise.1950 - Renaming on Urx's races.1960 - Construction of a new plant in Valašské Meziříčí.1963 - Assignment of the Organik plant in Otrokovice.1965 - Inclusion in Unichem in Pardubice.1967 - Headquarters transferred to Valašské Meziříčí.1990 - Independent joint stock company DEZA, a. S.1994 - Production of carbon black was stopped and transferred to the joint venture CS CABOT, spol. s r.o.1996 - Production stopped at the Ostrava plant.1999 - Incorporation into the Agrofert .2005 - The sole shareholder was Agrofert.

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