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DboyLo, whose real name is Deshain Cockett and goes by Mitch, is a rapper from Jamaica who lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is part of the Shmurda Crew. In a March 26th interview with ThatHomeTeam DboyLo said "The Lo stands for Low Key, Longevity, Long dick in nigga's bitches". [1]


DboyLo rapped on the viral 9 Block x GS9 track "World War 9" alongside Ronny Godz. After his release from prison Mitch dropped a track called "Looking 4 Me". He revealed to ThatHomeTeam that he's going to be dropping a mixtape. He also mentioned that he has a few books in the works. [+]

Personal Life

DboyLo is a member of GS9, an East Flatbush, Brooklyn based criminal enterprise that was helmed by Bobby Shmurda. In 2014 a dozen members of the crew were arrested for various crimes, DboyLo was one of them. He was charged with attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first and second degrees and other crimes in connection with a shooting on July 12, 2014 where an innocent bystander was shot in the neck. He served 5 years in prison and was released in March of 2019.[3] [4]

DboyLo is possibly mentioned in Shmurda's most popular track "Hot Nigga" in the lyrics: "Mitch caught a body about a week ago." When questioned about the lyric Shmurda said that Mitch referred to himself and was nothing more than artistic license. However, the song "Hot Nigga" mentions several other members of GS9 by name. There was speculation that the lyric would be used against Shmurda in court, but Shmurda's lawyer Howard Greenburg confirmed that it wouldn't be used as evidence in the trial. [5] [6]

Youtube Video
"Looking 4 Me"
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