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Dawn Sturgess (aged 44 in 2018) is a British resident of Salisbury ​ from Durrington ​, Wiltshire ​, United Kingdom. [2] [3] ​ She is a mother of three, reported to have been living in a homeless shelter. [3]

Dawn Sturges shopping for wine on the day before her hospitalization

Sturgess was captured on video at her local shop on 29 June 2018. [9]

Sturgess was found unconscious along with Charlie Rowley ​ at a property on Muggleton Road in Amesbury ​ in Wiltshire on Saturday 30 June 2018. [3] ​ Sturgess was taken to Salisbury Hospital ​ and reported to be in critical condition. [3]

Sam Hobson, a friend of Sturgess said that she pair had touched an unspecified item in Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury then began feeling ill and were getting ready to go to hospital. The friend alleged Sturgess and Rowley "went into a zombie-like state" and "slumped against the wall". [3]

Swindon fire brigade's operational support unit made a seventy seven mile round trip to Amesbury and made a (now deleted) tweet that the incident "wasn't serious" and that their "decontamination shower wasn't required". [7]

Police initially issued a statement concerning contaminated drugs ​. [7]

Ministry of Defence sources then claimed the couple were poisoned by a substance that has been retrieved and had samples sent to the Porton Down ​ research facility for immediate testing and suggested it could be a Novichok nerve agent ​. [3]

Doctors have suggested the syptoms exhibited by Sturgess are similar to those exhibited by Nick Bailey ​, Sergei Skripal ​ and Yulia Skripal. [3]

Wiltshire Police ​ declared a major incident and the Prime Minister ​, Theresa May ​ attended a COBRA meeting. [4] [3]

At 1.40pm on Wednesday 4 July Hamish de Bretton-Gordon ​, along with the press visited the street where Sturgess was taken ill. [6] ​ de Bretton-Gordon later went on television and came up with a story of assumptions suggesting that Russian assassins had casually discarded a syringe or container with Novichok or precursors, possibly into a nearby river, which had drained and allowed the Rowley and Sturgess to find and touch it, despite no such syringe or container having been recovered. [11] ​ The police then announced the same thing. [12]

Around 9.45pm on Wednesday 4th July, Metropolitan Police ​ Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu alleged that the substance which has left Sturgess critically ill in hospital was the same A-234 ​ Novichok nerve agent involved with the incident regarding Sergei Skripal. [5] [7]

Craig Murray ​ has noted it odd that Sturgess and Rowley, despite being unemployed, were in an expensive property on Muggleton Road, Amesbury. According to Zoopla ​ homes range from £270,000 up to £430,000 on that road, which is a new build estate. Craig noted Dawn having many friends in the teaching profession and suggested that despite being homeless, she is plainly a part of the community. He also speculated whether Pablo Miller ​ might know Sturgess or Rowley from having lived in the same community. [8]

The British government has asked the Russian government to explain the incident. [12] ​ The Russian government has asked the British government to stop with the nerve agent "intrigues" [11]

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