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Daoud Research Group (DRG) is a non-profit medical research group intended to serve the patients in need, to give more chances for the juniors as well as seniors health professionals in the field of neurological researches and to provide outstanding researchers who will explore new ideas in medicine and science.

Daoud research group was founded in 1985 by Prof. Abbashar Hussein. The very first idea of initiating the group was raised by Professor Daoud Mustafa Khalid who was a teacher of Prof. Abbashar and influenced him with his morality and medical professionalism.

All members of DRG are voluntarily working, with medical students and fresh graduates constituting the majority, all work in collaboration under the supervision of the president.


Daoud Charity Clinic (DCC)

An independent associated clinic which was founded, and established its work in “Soug Banat” because many people gather out there. Later it moved to Sheikh Mohammed Kheir’s mosque, and lastly moved to its current location, which is Osman Mohammed Salih’s Primary Health Center.

Daoud Charity Clinic served as a general medicine charity clinic till 1995, then it became more specialized to treat neurological cases, focusing more on epilepsy.

DCC is held every Friday from 6 p.m. till all the patients are evaluated and treated. DCC offers excellent collaborative services provided by a team of consultants, registrars, graduate doctors and medical students.

New patients are seen by the group members; history and examination findings are presented to Prof. Abbashar, who adopts an approach in which he meticulously discuss the case with members exploring all the possibilities. Relevant investigations are requested and treatment is prescribed, with drugs provision to those who can’t afford to. The professor then set up a regular follow up appointments for each individual patient. The clinic serves about 100 neurological cases every week, with the total number served as of November 2017 reaching 52.000 patients, 20.800 of them are epileptics.

DRG is attended by over 35 students and doctors every week, this give them the opportunity to learn from Prof Abbasher directly and from each other, improving their clinical skills dramatically.

Within DDC, there is also a specialized psychiatry clinic, led by Dr. Ahmed Abdelrahman (Psychiatry specialist). This provide an excellent psychiatric consultation especially for patients with Epilepsy ​ and pseudo-epilepsy. [1]

Weekly Research Meeting

Also held almost every Friday at prof. Abbashar’s house from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Every new research proposal is presented and discussed. Approval of the single research proposal may sometimes take several serial meetings.

Researches are conducted for different degrees including Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees.  The presenter maybe a medical student, newly graduate doctor, medical officer, registrar or even a consultant. All of attendants equally participate in the discussion sharing theirs thoughts and opinions.

Throughout the years DRG has produced enormous and recognized literature of researches with more than 100 papers published and over 140 conference presentation. As well as many ongoing researches.

Daoud Mobile Charity Clinic

The aim of this mobile charity clinic is to travel to rural areas of Khartoum ​ and other states in Sudan ​ providing professional evaluation of neurological patients who can’t reach Daoud Charity Clinic (DCC) in Khartoum ​. Then patients are followed up in DCC, and also travel cost is payed for those who can’t afford to. Started in December 2016, and as of November 2017, the group went to 8 areas across Sudan (Sinja – Sinar State, Shendi – River Nile State, Sarourab – Khartoum State, Atbara- River Nile State, Al- Managil – Aljazeera State, Tamboul - Aljazeera State, Sinnar - Sinar State and Abuhamad - River Nile State) with 1265 patients served, 358 of them are epileptics.

Almost all the costs of these mobile clinics are funded by Prof Abbashar himself.

Every time DRG announces for their next mobile clinic through their official pages in social media. They offer opportunities to a certain number of those who are interested to attend. Apart from group members, the selection of guests is random giving opportunity to medical students from different universities as well as doctors from all professional levels. At the end of the day a certificate of attendance is provided for them.

External participation

As of November 2017, Daoud Research Group has participated in 142 conferences worldwide including the World Congress of Neurology, European Association of Neurology and Middle-eastern and African Conferences as well as many local conference.

Clinical courses

Is a part of the group’s educational programs and is directed to learners with different scientific degrees in medicine including students and practitioners under training. Focusing on neurological history and examination skills.

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