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Rodriguez-Leal, Daniel is a Plant research scientist ​ at Inari ​ and PEW Latin American Fellow . [1] ​ He is currently receiving two years of funding ​ to pursue research ​ at laboratories ​ and academic institutions ​ in the United States ​. Daniel is a native of Sinaloa, Mexico ​. [2]


Daniel Rodriguez-Leal pursued his Bachelor's degree ​ at Universidad de Occidente ​ in 2004-2008 majoring in Biology ​ program, with emphasis in Ecology ​ and Evolution. [3] ​ In 2008, he enrolled Langebio, Cinvestav Irapuato, and in 2010 Rodriguez-Leal received his Master's degree ​ in Phylogenetics ​, Developmental Biology ​. He made a research ​ in plant reproductive development ​. [4] ​ Daniel went to the same university in 2010 and received his Doctoral degree ​ in Plant Developmental biology ​, Genetics ​, Population ​ in 2015 from the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity, a unit of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico ​, working with Dr. Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada. [5]


Daniel worked on a postdoctoral research ​ at Cinvestav Unidad Irapuato for the couple of months in 2015 in Irapuato ​, Guanajuato, Mexico ​. [6] ​ He has been PEW Latin American postdoctoral fellow ​ at Zachary Lippman's Laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ​. The fellows hailed from Argentina ​, Brazil ​, Chile ​, and Mexico ​, and their research interests​ ranged from studying the neurobiology ​ of taste ​ to, in Dr. Rodríguez-Leal’s case, implementing targeted genetic screens ​ using CRISPR ​/ Cas9 ​ to generate novel quantitative variation for crop improvement in tomato ​​. [8]

“The entire faculty of ČSHL ​ joins me in congratulating Dr. Daniel Rodríguez-Leal for being named a PEW Latin American fellow ​ ,” s aid Professor David Spector ​, Ph.D., ČSHL's Director ​ of Research . “Daniel is engaged in basic research involving the relationship between stem cells ​ and plant yield ​ that has potentially vital applications in efforts of agriculturalists ​ to feed a growing global population ​.” [9]

Pew's Latin American fellows ​ program grew from a desire many of our Pew scholars expressed for greater opportunities to exchange knowledge and collaborate across borders,” said Rebecca W. Rimel ​, Pew’s president ​ and CEO ​. “The individuals selected today are just embarking on exciting careers that will expand frontiers in biomedical science ​, and joining a network of scientists ​ whose work has the potential to improve human health and well-being around the world ​.” [10]

Daniel Rodriguez-Leal is currently working at Inari ​ as a research scientist ​ in Greater Boston Area ​ starting from the year of 2018. [10]


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