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Dani Burger is a London​-based Reporter at Bloomberg LP.[1]


Dani started her career working as a Production assistant​ at MSNBC's Morning Joe, WCAV News, and PBS​'s "AmericanForum". Since 2014 and until now, Dani has been a Reporter at Bloomberg LP, reporting on market trends for TV, radio and print.[1]

Dani built her own factor fund based entirely on an index that invests in companies whose names contain the letters "C", "A", and "T" arranged next to each other and in that order. Factor funds rely on formulas, preset criteria that tell which stocks to include and which to chuck out. Her model buys any U.S. company with "cat" in it, like CATerpillar​, or when "communiCATion" is in the name. It rebalances quarterly to keep trading costs low. That’s important for when Vanguard or BlackRock license it and charge a competitively low fee.[4]


In 2014, Dani received a Bachelor of Arts​ in Media studies​ from University of Virginia.[1]

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