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Cypherglass is a Top 21 EOS Block Producer. [4] Their EOS Block Producer Candidacy was announced on May 1, 2018, just 1 month before the EOS ERC20 token freeze. [2]

Cypherglass has publicly stated their intention to remain among the top 21 block producers while simultaneously providing support, education and development for the EOS community and blockchain. The Cypherglass team has core competencies in infrastructure development & operations, community building, and decentralized application incubation. Cypherglass holds the belief that, with proper development, the EOS blockchain will be the most successful blockchain network to date. [3]

As part of their commitment to the EOS network, Cypherglass announced their investment of $250,000 to $500,000 in infrastructure and DDoS protection to ensure their EOS Block Producer infrastructure always stays online. [5]

Cypherglass is also well known for their $100,000 EOS Hardware Wallet Bounty that will award two $50,000 prizes to the developer(s) of an EOS app for the two most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets: the Ledger Nano S and Trezor. [6]

Name Meaning

Cypher; meaning Code and Glass; meaning Transparency, help to define a new generation of Block Producer. Cypherglass is an organization that follows the core tenets as outlined in the EOS constitution with a commitment to Education, Community, and Technology. All three of these pillars stand on a fundamental foundation of Transparency. [2]


The Cypherglass team is comprised of industry experts in the fields of infrastructure, cryptocurrency, and community development. [8] Cypherglass is independently owned and operated and has not taken any outside capital or investment. [7]

Cypherglass Owners [7] [9]

  • Rob Finch, CEO
  • Benjamin Finch, Head of Marketing
  • Adrianna Mendez, Community Manager
  • Ross Holeman, Head of Technology
  • James Sutherland, Principal Architect
  • Rick Squitieri, Advisor
  • Jesse Proudman, Advisor
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