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Photo of Cruz Rivera with one of his children and his father Geraldo Rivera [4]

Cruz Rivera is a resident of Washington Heights, Manhattan ​. In April 2018 he was arrested for allegedly biting and choking his ex-girlfriend. [2] [3]

Personal Life

Cruz Rivera is the son of Fox News ​ correspondent Geraldo Rivera ​.​ Cruz is a father of three. [3]

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Cruz Rivera was arrested for allegedly choking his ex-girlfriend and biting her leg and hand as she tried to flee his Manhattan apartment, according to​ police sources. He was charged with criminal obstruction of breathing and misdemeanor assault ​. [2]

The incident began after Cruz Rivera’s ex-girlfriend Meghan Burke came to his 175th Street apartment in Washington Heights, Manhattan ​ around 5 p.m. Tuesday to pick up some of her things, sources said. [2]

Photo of Cruz Rivera [4]

Once she was inside Cruz allegedly jumped on her, throwing her onto a bed, pinning her there from behind in a chokehold ​ and nearly causing her to go pass out, sources said. [2]

Burke tried to escape, but Cruz allegedly bit her on the hand, according to sources. She made another try and broke free, after Cruz bit her leg. [2]

Cruz’s roommate heard the fight and called 9-1-1 ​, sources said. [2]

When police reached the apartment, both Rivera and Burke were gone, sources said. But the victim reached out to police on Staten Island ​ after returning to her home there after the choking. [3]

In April 2018, one month before the alleged assault, Cruz posted a public service announcement ​ video by the British Mankind Initiative to his Facebook ​ warning that “40 percent of domestic violence ​ is suffered by men.” [2]

A neighbor in Rivera’s apartment building said he moved in about five months ago. He’s often spotted walking a small dog ​, said next-door neighbor Josefina Lopez. [3]

Lopez, 50, said she heard a young woman in heated discussion with Rivera Tuesday night. “I heard the fighting at around 11:30 p.m. She was yelling, Give me my wallet and my cell phone! I didn’t hear him too well,” Lopez said. “I didn’t make much of it. You know how people are always fighting.” [3]

She wasn’t aware that Rivera was the son of a well-known journalist. “I didn’t know he was the son of someone famous,” she said. “That’s a very bad example. You just don’t hit women, I don’t care if he’s the son of someone famous,” Lopez added. [3]

A 33-year-old neighbor who lives right above Rivera said she heard part of argument Tuesday around 6 p.m. "I heard (a woman) say something about a bed and then stop. Then I just heard rumbling, because the door was open,” the neighbor said. [3]

Attorney ​ Arthur L. Aidala ​, also a former Fox News contributor and longtime friend of Geraldo, said he is representing Cruz Rivera. [3]

“Everyone takes domestic violence cases very seriously as does the entire Rivera family,” Aidala told The New York Daily News ​. [3]

“Obviously Geraldo is very disappointed and disturbed by these allegations. The actions Cruz is accused of committing are not consistent with the young man the Rivera family loves and supports,” the lawyer added. [3]

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