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Benjamin Goddard, (renowned by his aliases Correct[1], formerly "Sinden"), is a British programmer, designer, and investor born in Brighton. His online contributions are broadly categorized by social media engineering and web design[2].


In 2009, Goddard began his online parlay by freelancing digital design with social media brands, focused on improving their SEO and online presence.

In 2014, Goddard's passion with computers materialized toward the practicality of program development. During these incremental years of growth, he self-taught various web development languages including Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), PHP (WebDev Language). Additionally, Correct embodies his digital savvy in a variety of development and scripting languages, such as Python (programming language), C (programming language), and Go (programming language).

In 2015, he briefly dabbled in the Intellectual Dark Web. As a Black hat, Correct uncovered new digital schema about web exploitation, familiarizing himself with an arsenal of attack functions, notably Arbitrary code execution, Code injection, Cross-site scripting and more. This knowledge led him into improving knowledge on Linux -based exploitation; specifically, finding exploits for Embedded systems, Web servers, and other IOT devices. Late 2015, he staked contributions to the mass influx of IOT devices being infected by coding and debuting a new piece of Malware called Lizkebab (see disambiguation- BASHLITE), a small C-based piece of malware that targeted a variety of devices with common credentials on port 22 and 23.[4]

Years later, he modified his initiative online to apply his gift as a dignified programmer into the world of White hats (computer security). Utilizing his previous knowledge of web development languages, web exploitation, and advanced attack functions, he refocused his efforts to helping patch security threats for small and medium-sized tech companies by involvement in Bug bounty programs.

Correct maintains a strong, healthy online presence through his Twitter[3], Personal Domain[2], and Instagram[1] .

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