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CoinPoint Group is a multinational premium digital marketing agency, with an emphasis on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It was founded in 2013 and they are based in Bulgaria and the Philippines.[1]

Some of their clients include decentralized applications, decentralized exchanges, online casinos, and cloud mining services. [7]

With the newest development in client acquisition, CoinPoint successfully expanded their impressive array of operation in the areas of GCC and Asia. GCC is currently in great demand for an all-in-one decentralized exchange to get the industry going, but also to enable the users to safely exchange and trade their tokens/coins. Asia, on the other hand, is producing an ample of innovative dApps most of them revolving around social media, casino, games, finance, wallets, storage, identity, insurance, etc.


CoinPoint was initially founded in Sydney in 2013 but has since expanded to Asia and Europe. The company offers a variety of services tailored to crypto and blockchain projects including blockchain consultation, full brand business development, influencer marketing, reputation management, creatives and design, website audit, FinTech SEO, link building, decentralized social media management, content marketing, training & education, media management, cyber security and DDOS protection, crypto payment solution, and many more.[1]


Blockchain consultation

One can acquire knowledge and advice regarding blockchain business decisions and development. In addition, having the ability to create powerful branding CoinPoint to build their customers a robust online identity and help them establish themselves as a viable and successful entity.

They can also arrange training sessions for business representatives and help them integrate blockchain technology into the core of one's operation.

Full brand development

CoinPoint specializes in shaping and determining the way one's brand is perceived. They will generate a unique medium for brand development using various techniques of crypto brand strategies aligned with one's business objectives. They also develop sales strategies for business growth, partnerships, commercial relations, investor relations and trade marketing purposes.

In addition, they administer public relations campaigns to help boost positive opinions and subdue the negative ones.

Influencer marketing

CoinPoint claims to create marketing campaigns that attract influencers and increase the percentage of quality traffic and conversion rates.

Creative and design

CoinPoint helps with website design and interface design.

In addition, CoinPoint utilizes various online tools to assess, monitor, and improve SEO for businesses' websites. This translates to a higher volume of visitors for your website as well as guaranteed longevity of the business.

Decentralized social media community management

CoinPoint helps inform their clients' audiences on their latest updates, news, and announcements. They use both decentralized and traditional social media communities.

Content marketing: PR, copywriting, blog, video, email marketing

Cyber security and DDos protection

CoinPoint helps fortify websites from cyber threats and DDoS attacks by integrating our security protocols and keep hackers at bay. Their defense techniques and schemes include multiple authorization systems, cloud DDoS protection, use of secured wallets, obtaining EV SSL Certificates, KYC, and incorporation of offline devices and storages, to name a few. With the integration of these security protocols conducted by our security experts, your business will be in good hands.

Cryptocurrency payment solutions

Integrate cryptocurrency payment protocol into one's platform. One can customize the funnel with CoinPoint's APIs.

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