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Clique Global is a Dutch For-profit corporation and social networking service based in Heerlen[1] . The mission statement of Clique Global is to "pay people to party"[2] . Clique Global was registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce on March 27, 2019. It was founded by its managing director Shimon Newman, as well as Nathan Vandy, Kacper Śledziejowski, Samiar Tehrani, Ramses Kamanda, and Tomek S. Kukieła. The purpose of Clique Global is to encourage more "IRL" social interactions and to allow people with similar interests to connect with one another. It does so by rewarding people that actually show up to events in the form of virtual tokens which can be spent in an online marketplace to unlock a variety of discounts for local goods and services. At the beginning of 2019, Clique Global officially partnered with Platin[4], a "proof-of-location" protocol that allows for the anonymous verification that event attendees are actually showing up to the events that they said they would attend. The app is currently being developed and is scheduled to be released on June 7th, 2019, in Maastricht.
The genesis of Clique Global took place in early 2018 after Shimon met Nathan at an underground hip-hop cipher in Maastricht, where they were both living and performing. A friendship between the two artists emerged, and they frequently collaborated in the coming months. After weeks of recording and hanging out, the friends realized that they were both involved in the Blockchain industry, with Shimon being a token designer and Nathan being interested in the ramification of blockchains for the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. Nathan was a prominent event creator in the local Maastricht scene and expressed frustration with the difficulties of successfully organizing underground events in their city. Shimon realized that there was enormous potential for event creation to be facilitated by blockchain technologies. Motivated by a desire to bring more people together and to end the alienation that online social media was creating, Shimon and Nathan formed a team with the goal of bringing more people with similar interests together. After months of interviews, user-testing, research, and development, as well as participation in the Dutch Brightlands Blockchain and AI "Hive" Accelerator Program[3], the Clique team realized that the reason that more people are not going out is that both event creators and event goers have difficulty accurately estimating how many people will actually show up to their events. For this reason, they developed an application that displays local events and rewards people for actually showing up to them. The intention of this app is to give event creators and event goers more certainty of how many people will actually show up, as well as to allow groups of friends to form "Cliques" of likeminded individuals and get bonus rewards for collectively showing up to events.

Corporate Affairs


Clique Global's key management personnel consist of Shimon Newman (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer), Samiar Tehrani (Chief Business Development Officer), and Kacper Śledziejowski (Chief Legal Officer).


As of right now, the main form of revenue for the company comes from the professional consultancy services of Shimon Newman and sales of Clique merchandise.

Application Features


The main page of the Clique Global app is a search bar where app users can search nearby and upcoming events. Users can filter these events based on their interests and easily indicate which events they want to go to. Once they choose an event to go to, it is displayed in an "upcoming events" tab.


When a user actually shows up to an event, their geolocation and time spent at said event indicate to the Clique network that they are present. Once they have stayed for at least 30 minutes at the event, they automatically earn virtual tokens.


Much like Airbnb or Uber (company), Clique Global utilizes a five-star "rating" system to determine how consistently an event goer actually shows up to an event. If a user indicates that they are going to go to an event but do not actually show up, their user rating goes down. Conversely, if they do consistently show up, their rating goes up accordingly. Users get larger amounts of tokens the higher their rating is. There is no penalty for not showing up to an event except a lower rating and thus less rewards the next time that they show up to an event.


The tokens that are earned from showing up to events can be used to "purchase" a variety of discounts from local businesses in the "Marketplace" section of the app. These discounts are generated as vouchers that are redeemable at participating stores in the user's vicinity. Users can search the Marketplace and filter prizes based on their interests.
A seperate "Clique Business" app and website are used for businesses to easily generate discounts to be purchased through the Marketplace. The level of discount given determines how many tokens are needed to unlock the voucher through the Marketplace.

Cliques Feature

A central part of the Clique app is its "Cliques". The Cliques section of the app is where users can share events and rewards with their friends. As of now, there are two types of Cliques: "Public" and "Private". Public Cliques are fixed community channels where every user can see events being posted. "Private Cliques" are private messaging groups between users of the Clique app with similar interests. Private Cliques can only be formed when a user in a Clique meets another user in real life. Only events (not rewards) can be shared to Public Cliques, whereas both events and rewards can be shared to Private Cliques. A user may both form and be part of an unlimited amount of Private Cliques. When a Private Clique all attends an event together, the entire Clique earns bonus tokens. The bonus tokens are proportional to the size of the Clique attending. The intention of this feature is to allow users to find friends with similar interests and be rewarded for hanging out together at events that they find interesting or engaging.

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