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Choon[3] is a streaming service platform on the Blockchain. It aims to revolutionize the music industry by paying artists in cryptocurrency for each stream, effectively changing how royalties are distributed to artists.


Choon was co-founded by John Watkinson, Bjorn Niclas, Matt Hall and UK musician/producer Gareth Emery. On founding Choon, Emery stated[1]:

"I was getting into bitcoin early on in 2013. I love the technology and I love the way I could potentially disrupt the financial industry, while seeing the potential in music at that point. When Ethereum happened and the Smart Contracts, I thought that was super cool to build a streaming platform, where payments are completely transparent and they pay royalties every day as opposed to every six months."

Choon is Ethereum-based and payment tokens are called NOTES. Artists will be able to earn 80% of their streaming revenue in comparison to other popular services which only give artists around 52%.[2] Choon will not dabble in making deals with major record labels, they've defined their stance as a primarily indie service. Bjorn Niclas said in an interview: [4]

In our first phase, we’re only focusing on independent artists that fully own the rights to their own music that they upload. In phase two later on this year, we will look to expanding this to on board indie labels and their back catalogues. We will however not work with major record labels. If you want to stream the Beatles or Taylor Swift, there are plenty of streaming platforms out there that does a great job serving you that.

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