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Chintai is a decentralized peer-to-peer token leasing platform built on top of EOS. [1] Chintai is open-source and is being sheephearded by EOS42 as one of their comunity projects. [1]


High Level Overview/Portion of the Chintai Whitepaper

EOS (blockchain) tokens represent rights to bandwidth in the EOS network. [1] Chintai's token leasing protocol allows dApp producers to buy EOS bandwidth without holding EOS tokens from already existing holders. [4]

Chintai is a community owned token which is free for both token holders and dApp users to use, creates a decentralized marketplace for EOS token leasing, and provides secure lease market pricing without distortion by size of token market holding or requirements. [4]

Market Making and Price Discovery

Price discovery for Chintai should be viewed as an aggregator of sentiment primarily based on supply and demand. [4] The price discovery process will operate through the Chintai token cycle bidding, which determines the lease market price through the interactions of lessors (token holders) and lesses (typically dAp producers). [4] In addition, the Chintai price discovery process will further be impacted by: [4]

  • Lessor numbers and token quantities (total available supply)
  • Lessee numbers and token requirements (total available demand)
  • Bidding and settlement processes
  • Liquidity
  • Timeliness
  • Reliability
  • Current Bid Price
  • Current Offer Price


The Chintai team has several core team members. [1]

David Packham and David Kalin are Co-Founders.

Charles Holtzkampf is the Director of Infrastructure.

Steve Floyd is the Senior UX Architect.

Tyler Smith is the Senior Smart Contract Architect.

Phillip Hamnett is Core Backend Dev.

Andrew Coutts is Frontend Dev.

Michael Fletcher is the Smart Contractor Lead. [1]

Advisors include N.S. James and Ashe Ono. [1]

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