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ChainShuttle is Dutch ​ website that has a daily report on the top trending

Cryptocurrencies based several principles. [1] [2] ​ The website is based on an algorithm created to generate predictions on token behavior based on Social media ​ activity, price, volume, and other markers. [3]

Image of the main page that lists the top Cryptocurrency ​ tokens of the day.


The company was launched some time in early June of 2018 by an unnamed creator who made the announcement via forum. [4] ​ The internet company is based in Rotterdam ​. [5]

The tool was created as a way for people to get a starting point on discovering hidden gems in crypto. [6]

The team has plans to implement a premium service for members for other perks such as a Telegram membership and information about ICOs. [7]

Image of a Tweet by Crytomanen that mentions ChainShuttle as their tool.


The creator of the website intends to make the service free forever. [7] ​ Users sign-up for a daily news letter that sends a report of the of the top cryptocurrencies of the day before it's published online. [8]

The site is based on an algorithm based on the following variables:

  • Price change 24h
  • Price change 7 days
  • Volume
  • CoinMarketCap Rank change
  • Subreddit subscriber change
  • Twitter followers change [9]

The site monitors about 1500 coins and only list the trending ones on their page. [10] [11]

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