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Chaince is a cryptocurrency exchange that focusing on EOS projects. [8]

Chaince Team : Chaince team members are from Inblockchain Capital, ,the Bank of China (HK), Cushman & Wakefield Ltd., PricewaterhouseCoopers, and other top financial institutions. The rich experience and consistent values ensure the team's professionalism and stability. We are confident that we can make Chaince a brand-new superior trading platform around EOS Ecology.

Choice of ChainceChaince pioneered the establishment of an audit module—Choice of Chaince, led by Chaince's CEO. Choice of Chaince will audit the projects based on rigorous criteria. Chaince solemnly pledges not to charge any fees to list projects in order to ensure maximum independence of the platform.

Wool HatChaince is the world's first trading platform to support all EOS main net airdrops. Chaince will perform the EOS mapping conversion work for the users. After that, Chaince will set up a module called “Wool Hat" to collect, distribute airdrops from the EOS main net for users.

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