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Cedex is a decentralized diamond exchange, built on the Ethereum Blockchain.


The Cedex diamond rating system is called DEX. It’s described as a proprietary machine learning algorithm designed to bring total transparency and coherency to the diamond financial market. There are three core components of the DEX, including:

  • Gemological composition of individual diamonds listed on Cedex
  • Diamond market financial indices
  • Global inventory analysis

After diamonds are onboarded onto Cedex, they’re separated into categories. Investors will be able to easily view these categories to check the best diamond investments.[5]

Cedex has secured more than 6,000 diamonds worth over $50 million that will be traded on its platform. The supply is meant to ensure that traders have a sufficient variety of options from the launch of its diamond-backed Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), which the company is developing. The company is currently liaising with exchanges, brokerages and ETF issuers to offer an Application Programming Interface (API), which would simplify the integration of the new asset into exchanges.[4]

Cedex raised $20 million in March, 2018 to develop its institutional digital diamond certificate decentralized exchange and released the beta version in November, 2018.[4]

Cedex Coin

The Cedex Coin is ERC-20 compliant and can be transferred for trading and investment purposes on the exchange. All activity on the Cedex exchange, and eventually within the diamond trading market, cab be conducted solely using the Cedex coin.[3]

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