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Calvin Kagenda, (born in Broward County, Florida on June 22, 1999) is an up and coming Musician and YouTube Star for the future to watch for. His music YouTube channel is "CBK"[2] and his main channel is "Calvin Kagenda"[5] . His full name is "Calvin Brandon Kagenda"but He is well known as "Calvin Kagenda". He is professionally known as the Musician name of Calvin Kagenda. he grew up and spent most of his life living in London , Hounslow . He has a Knowledge Graph called " Calvin Kagenda" [8]

Social Media

Calvin Kagenda started his youtube channel recently and he wants his youtube channel to help reach out to his fans through his music, youtube videos and more. His social media platforms go by the name of "Calvinkagenda"[1] and his snapchat goes by the name of "calvinkagenda"[6]

Music Career

Calvin Kagenda's first song as an artist was He ain't loyal kuri which is released on all music platforms such as Apple music[7], Spotify[4], google play and more. he has never recorded a song since then and he has more songs on the way.

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