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Busan Port, connecting 500 ports in 100 countries, is the logistics hub port in Northeast Asia in the 21st century.

To accommodate rapidly increasing container traffic in the region, we continue to expand the port facilities and its distribution systems, while accelerating our development of a state-of-the-art New Port.


1876Opening of Busan Port
1906Start of pier construction
~1945Completion of Pier 1~4 and a central pier
1974~1982Pier 1, 2 development

Completion of 4 container piers including Jaseongdae and the international ferry terminal

Phase 3 development of Busan port

Completion of Sinseondae container terminal

1992~1998Phase 4 development of Busan port

Completion of Gamman container terminal

1995~2020Construction of Busan New Port

Size : Berthing facilities of 45 berths, Land formation of 9,442,637㎡ for ports and distripark site

Budget : KRW 13 trillion and 388.1 billion (government : KRW 6 trillion and 472.8 billion,
private investment : KRW 6 trillion and 915.3 billion)

2008~2019North Port Redevelopment

Size : 1,532,419㎡ of the old pier in Busan Port (North Port) to make it an international marine tourism hub

Budget : KRW 8 trillion and 519 billion (including projects by government, BPA, private investors)
·Infrastructure : KRW 2 trillion and 38.8 billion (by government and BPA)
·Superstructure : KRW 6 trillion and 480.2 billion (by private investors)

2010~2014Construction of a new international passenger terminal in Busan Port


Length of Quay : 30,709m

Berthing Capacity : 146 Ships(Passenger Terminals & Oil Terminals Included)

Cargo Handling Capacity : 292,140MRT/Year(17Million/Year)

Water Depth : 15~17m

Tidal Difference : 1.3m

Break Water : 4,626m

Container Yard : 3,469,000㎡

Open-Storage Yard : 261,000㎡

Landing Pier : 4

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