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BuildTeam is an EOS Block Producer ​ Candidate. BuildTeam is a geo-diverse team of blockchain entrepreneurs ​, developers ​ and business professionals. BuildTeam runs its operations out of a Discord private team server and has a public Discord channel as listed below. BuildTeam is currently in talks with its legal partners, Duncan Cotterill, regarding formally incorporating in the crypto friendly jurisdiction of Malta ​ along with other major crypto projects and exchanges. [2]

Members of BuildTeam's distributed team are based in locations across the globe, including Germany ​, New Zealand, Japan ​, Greece ​, The Netherlands ​ and Southeast Asia ​. BuildTeam operates its own public nodes, utilizing Graphene technology and is supported by a strong infrastructure consisting of several blockchain based services. BuildTeam has extensive experience building enterprise solutions on pre-existing graphene blockchains including Bitshares ​ and Steem. [2]


Public Presence

Website URL: [3]

BuildTeam Bitshares ​ UIA: [7]

Twitter ​: [4]

Reddit ​: [5]

Discord: [6]

YouTube ​: [9]

ID on Steemit

Technical Specifications

BuildTeam has planned for a highly fault tolerant node infrastructure, leveraging & building upon its experience in running Steem witness nodes and highly utilized public RPC nodes. The Steem community would stand behind BuildTeam in confirming its proven track record in this area. For example, BuildTeam maintains one of the most well known and reliable Steem RPC node clusters in which BuildTeam provides free access for the community to use.

BuildTeam has chosen Privex as its node hosting provider. This brings the advantage of using a provider friendly to the crypto community, and BuildTeam already has a good established working relationship with them as contacts to help advise on future scaling issues as BuildTeams grows. Privex hardware is reliable and proven, with European data centers BuildTeam can utilize immediately (BuildTeam has decided to avoid US locations as SEC regulations around EOS are not yet clear).

BuildTeam has chosen Germany for its primary node and Finland for its backup node.

The current plan can be seen as follows. Please keep in mind that this plan is still subject to change as circumstances evolve:

Primary Node
Data center: Germany
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Server type: Cloud Server
Processor: Dedicated Intel Xeon E5
RAM: 256 GB DDR4
Disk space: 2x480 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 50 TB @ 1gbps

Backup Node
Data center: Finland
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Server type: Cloud Server
Processor: Dedicated Intel Xeon E5
RAM: 256 GB DDR4
Disk space: 2x480 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 50 TB @ 1gbps

These initial specs should be high enough to provide excellent service for quite some time after initial mainnet launch, but BuildTeam is fully prepared to scale up to 1 TB of RAM or higher and will engage its contacts at Privex to ensure BuildTeam has plenty of room to grow as operations proceed. [2]

Scaling Plan

BuildTeam's hardware scaling plan consists of a monitoring based approach:

  • Active monitoring of the node capacity and health through distributed business intelligence dashboard
  • Manual provisioning of new nodes as soon as the capacity of our hardware reaches 75%
  • Automated provisioning of nodes in case of capacity spikes over 85% [2]

Community Projects


Initially BuildTeam will use its experience in creating and operating its own token on the Bitshares network to create tokens on EOS, further adding to the utility of EOS. Our initial project dubbed “Game Tokens”, will be launched to explore the integration of an EOS based token into mobile games, it is estimated that a smartphone is utilised for games 38% of the time as opposed to 18% on social media, furthermore circa 20% of all gamers are already involved with crypto currencies. BuildTeam aims to capitalise on these statistics for greater market penetration than a social media project could achieve and use GameTokens to leverage gaming communities to increase EOS adoption.

Having successfully secured the domain, BuildTeam aims to create the GameTokens (GT) token on the EOS platform and integrate it into bespoke and existing mobile and desktop games. Our team members are already connected to the gaming industry in one form or the other and this project makes for the natural progression of BuildTeam into this space, while simultaneously creating utility and wider distribution of the EOS platform to non-crypto users. [2]

Marketing EOS/ EOS Projects on Steem and Global Billboards

BuildTeam has been active in promoting other crypto projects and ICO’s on the Steem blockchain with its Steemvoter Guilds, harnessing its customer base to promote worthy content with maximum visibility on the trending page.

In partnership with the @steemdrive campaign, BuildTeam has crowdfunded billboards across the globe, the most recent being for the Social Wallet public offering. Billboards provide a certain real world validity that most other advertising mediums cannot offer, they are more censorship resistant than Facebook and Twitter advertising, which are often plagued with shadowbanning; in the face of discrimination of crypto projects by these and othe major internet players, billboards are now becoming more relevant than ever.

BuildTeam's intention is to partially fund and crowdfund billboards for noteworthy projects on EOS as well as EOS itself, BuildTeam aims to become a startup incubator for EOS projects, assisting with copywriting, Steem blog promotion and billboard requisition. Billboards unite communities behind a common voice and increase euphoria, jubilation and engagement, BuildTeam believes a positive marketing strategy should include billboard advertising and BuildTeam will facilitate this to the best of its ability. [2]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: (news) [10]

Telegram: (Investors Club) [11]

Testnet: buildteam

Block Producer Roadmap

The following represents the initial plan for EOS development going forward. BuildTeam will continue to work on our various Steem projects and other blockchain initiatives in parallel, but for the sake of conciseness BuildTeam will limit itself to EOS specific items in this section:

Q2 2018
Make BuildTeam BP announcement
Finalize server hosting arrangements & launch the BuildTeam node
Identify 3rd party security audit vendor & terms
Launch BuildTeam BP marketing and dev-ops departments
Negotiate contracts with third party game publishers to select initial target games for GameTokens integration

Q3 2018
Conduct first EOS billboard marketing campaign
Review of node setup to assess performance and upgrade hardware if necessary
Launch the GameTokens (GT) token on EOS Mainnet
Start development efforts on integrating GT into first target game
Expand development team with new hires
Identify & plan for further community benefit projects

Q4 2018
Conduct a second EOS billboard marketing campaign in a different location
Second review of node setup to assess performance and upgrade hardware if necessary
Launch of first game with GT integration
Launch BuildTeam EOS blockchain Social Mobility pilot program for school children

Q1 2019 and beyond
Assess effectiveness of Social Mobility pilot program and refine concept as needed
Continue developing & launching additional GT enabled games
Develop & launch further community benefit projects
Continue scaling up node hardware as needed
Plan further EOS awareness marketing campaigns [2]

Position on Dividends

BuildTeam will not offer payment to EOS token voters under any circumstance. If elected, the organization has a firm commitment to gaining that privilege based on the merit of its team and past accomplishments. The organization is firmly committed to a no-payment policy for votes. [2]

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