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Bridge Wars is a compilation album featuring artists Mahogany Jones and FERN (produced by DukeDaGod). It was released on December 1, 2011 by Queensbridge Records.[2]

Track Listing

1. Got this Locked - F.E.R.N

2. My Wrath - Future

3. Heart Sick - Mahogany Jones feat. Growth

4. 32 Rounds - Jacob Izreal

5. Who Would Have Knew - Tha Fellowship

6. Nu Breed - L.G. Wise

7. One Life 2 Live - Tha Fellowship

8. Shake The World - Mahogany Jones feat. Dre Marshall

9. Gunshine State - Jacob Izreal

10. Hello - F.E.R.N.


  • Artwork and layout by: Maria Therese D. Roble
  • Executive Producer: William J Bruce III
  • Mahogany Jones appears courtesy of What’s the Irony Productions
  • Fern (rapper) appears courtesy of Powerful Muzik Records
  • Tha Fellowship appears courtesy of Anointed Entertainment
  • Future appears courtesy of Wise Up Records
  • L.G. Wise appears courtesy of Wise Up Records
  • Jacob Izreal appears courtesy of 39 Lashes Media[1]
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