Brenton Tarrant

Brenton Tarrant is allegedly one of the gunmen who opened fire at a New Zealand mosque​ in Christchurch and live-streamed the mass shooting​ on Facebook Live on March 15, 2019. [1]​ [3]​ [5]​ [4]

Early Life & Education

In his manifesto, Tarrant said that he was born to an Australian working class​ low income family. He is of Scottish​, Irish, and English descent, according to the manifesto. [2]​ [6]

Tarrant has said that he did not attend a university​, because nothing the universities offered interested him. [2]​ [7]


In his manifesto, Tarrant stated he worked a little before investing in Bitconnect​. He used the money he made from Bitconnect to travel. [2]​​ [6]

Personal Life

Tarrant is a self described white supremacist​. [8]​ [2]​ He resides in Grafton, New South Wales​. [5]​ [6]

Christchurch Mosque shootings

The incident occurred at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques​ in Christchurch, New Zealand. Prior to the shooting, he posted a manifesto​ on his Twitter​ account outlining his attack. It is reported that there are more shooters involved. Eyewitnesses reported several people have been killed although this is yet to be confirmed by the police while estimates range from nine to twenty-seven killed. [1]

There were also reports of a bomb​ being found in a crashed car on Strickland Street. [1]​ Tarrant also allegedly yelled "Subscribe to PewDiePie​" while carrying out the shooting. [3]

He along with two other men and one woman were apprehended by authorities. [5]​ 

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