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BP Node is an EOS block producer ​ candidate focusing on improving the network along with collaborating on informing the community with the possibilities and opportunities of EOS. [1] ​ They envision new and existing developers from other platforms coming over to the EOS network, and they feel they can contribute in helping them realize the potential of the network. [2]

Youtube Video
Docker Swarm for EOS BP node.

Their block production servers will be in Canada ​. [3]


Public Presence

Website: https://bpnode.com/ [4]

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@bpnode [5]

ID on Steemit

  • Official block producer candidate name: BP Node [6]
  • Location of company headquarters: N/A [7]
  • Expected location of servers: Canada [8]
  • Type of servers: AWS Cloud [9]
  • Current employee list and pictures of at least 67% of staff & Relevant background qualifications for at least 67% of staff:
    • Balbahadur Singh (Strategy Director) [10]
    • Shawinder Sekhon (Chief Technology Officer) [11]

The founders of BP Node.

Tech Specs


Expected location of servers:
  • Step 1: AWS Central Canada to begin with for public testnet, launch and early phase. [12]
  • Step 2: Explore having multiple nodes on managed servers in multiple jurisdictions, to maintain redundancy and diversity. [13]
Type of Servers:
  • Step 1: AWS Cloud for testnet, launch and early phase. [14]
  • Step 2: Explore Moving to managed server locally.
  • Step 3: Explore running multiple nodes on managed servers across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Step 4: Explore improvements and efficiency improvement using self-managed bare metal server.
    Network capacity and performance will be the key metric to decide on type of server. [15]

Scaling Plan & Community

Technical Training and Community Engagement (outside EOS platform):

Support EOS and Blockchain training for technical community. Their purpose is to help attract new and existing developers from other platforms to learn advantages of EOS platform and realize its full potential. [16] ​ Help organize training sessions in developer hubs, universities and training institutes. Hold information sharing sessions for broader community. Host or support EOS / Blockchain Meetups wherever possible. [17]

Application Development support:

Support development of public utility applications, either by financing external team or developing internal team. [18]

Promote token holder awareness:

Provide transparency to token holders on Governance issue, and find mechanism to gather public opinion wherever possible. [19]

Maintain Global presence:

Instead of focusing on a particular location, strive to maintain operational redundancy and political / jurisdictional independence. As the project evolves, more details will be added on above focus areas. [20]

Telegram + Testnet

Telegram: @ssekhon [21]

Block Producer Roadmap

April – June 1st:

  • Testnet participation with multiple groups. [22]
  • Network structure and security planning.
  • Additional resource identification and organization planning. [23]

June – August:

  • Analyse EOS network resource utilization and growth projection.
  • Plan for additional server resources and backup.
  • Recruit additional developers and add experts to handle Network Security, Public Relations, Finance/reporting, and Legal. [23]

September onwards:

  • Start focusing on Technical community engagement and training opportunities for young developers. [24]
  • Identify, start developing or financially supporting, public utility Dapps which could help community beyond EOS community realize power of blockchain. [25]
  • Plan for network redundancy and resilience to technical, operational and regulatory challenges and uncertainties.
    Note: Above plan is dependent on being voted into block producer list, and sufficient funds to execute the plan. [26]

Position on Dividends


BP Node is committed to full transparency on following:

  • Investors in the organization.
  • How and where the funds are being used.
  • Additional information critical to network health and security. [27]

Financial or Political influence:

BP Node believes in maintaining full political and financial independence, and hence planning for server redundancy based of multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, to maintain financial independence BP Node will discourage passive investors to the organization. [28] ​ Which means it shall not actively seek funds from individuals or organizations who do not plan to take active role in BP operations. They believe best way to maintain operational efficiency and integrity is to ensure financial interests of an individual or organization are aligned with what they are actively engaging in day to day. [29]

Pay for Votes:

In a democratic environment there will also be some sort of voter reimbursement, which could be “direct” which is called pay for votes or “indirect” in the form of better network/platform/government which will eventually translate into better Token price/GDP/standard of living etc for the individual. But indirect method is desirable since it is inclusive and benefits the community along with the individual. [30]

Hence, BP Node shall never pay for votes, and also discourage any kind of direct voter dividend model. [31]

Position on Dividend:

The Dividends proposition of BP NODE.

The illustration below shows the tentative revenue distribution plan, which might evolve or get modified based on actual numbers:

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