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Boudicca Proxy is a progressive solicitation consultancy based in the UK. The company also offers shareholder communication services. [1] ​ Boudicca is established with the goal of extending a differentiated offering that maximised the latest platforms in technology to deliver a service that is faster, more enhanced, and more responsive to every client it serves. [5]

Boudicca Proxy History

Founded in 2011, Boudicca offers supports to its clients along with their advisors towards communicating with their shareholder base and effectively engaging all levels to ensure that shareholder participation is maximised in M&A, proxy voting, and other situations where corporate action is involved. [2]

Sheryl Cuisia, the company’s Founder is also the Managing Director. She established the company after acquiring almost 10 years of experience in shareholder communications and proxy solicitations. An active practitioner in the industry and a passionate innovator in the field, she has managed more than 150 shareholder campaigns not only in the UK but cross-border ones as well, where small-cap players and blue-chip companies were involved. [3]

The founder has extensive collaboration experience on 100 campaigns since she has started her career too. She secured an Advanced Diploma from the University of Oxford in data and Systems Analysis, and has held executive roles at Orient Capital, Salisbury Associates, and at Georgeson Toronto and London. [4]

The company is made up of industry experts, each with extensive experience in the field, banking on solid legacy and foundations of proxy solicitations in a bid to get the industry to the forefront in meeting the needs of the modern business and corporate setting. [6]

Boudicca Proxy Operations

Going beyond extending traditional proxy solicitation services to issuers, it is also able to offer assistance on situations that are events-based through offering Consulting, Execution, and Training all year-round. This is aimed at advisory firms, public companies, private client brokers, and asset managers as this is geared to refine their internal engagement and proxy voting processes while implementing a proxy solicitation function in-house. [7]

The company empathises the need for companies to maximise the turnout of shareholder voting as this is a clear indication of an organisation’s capability to effectively motivate and communicate with their shareholders. It is an effective means to get companies insulated against possible risks of dissension during shareholder votes in the future. Boudicca also advocates knowing the shareholder base as well as increasing their engagement as this is critical towards maximising proxy voting engagement. [8]

Boudicca Proxy also incorporates modern advancements in social media and online communication where applicable in order to enjoy a wider and more effective reach to the target audiences of its clients. [11] ​The company is also committed to using an informed approach for engaging and communicating with shareholders through corporate governance analysis and by taking a closer look at their policies concerning proxy voting before initiating any shareholder contact to ensure that every outreach is going to be relevant and meaningful. [10]

New reviews of the company can be found on their page. [9]

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