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BOSIBC.IO ( also know as BOS IBC ) is a Smart contract system developed by BOSCore for EOS based blockchains. It provides the function of decentralized IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) for EOSIO based blockchains. BOSIBC.IO smart contracts are deployed on the EOS and BOS blockchains allowing for bidirectional transfers of tokens across chains.[1]


BOS IBC is based on SPV (Simple Payment Verification) as outlined in the EOSIO IBC Principle and Design, published by BOSCore developer Simon. The same document references Inter-Blockchain Communication via Merkle Proofs with EOSIO published by Dan Larimer, CTO at Block.One.[2] [3]

The BOS IBC system contains two smart contracts, ibc.chain contract is the SPV client, the SPV client can be used as a service to verify peer chain transactions, and the ibc.token contract can be seen as a DApp by the ibc.chain contract, so BOS IBC is composed of decentralized IBC and a peg token application.

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