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BOS (Business Operating System) is an open-source public blockchain project developed by BOSCore.[2]. BOS is based on a Fork (software development) from a branch of the EOSIO GitHub repository.[4] BOSCore and a community of block producers successfully launched the BOS blockchain on January 17, 2019, the chain was activated the following day on January 18, 2019.

On 01 Jan 2019 BOSCore made snapshots[5] of EOS Mainnet accounts, these snapshots formed the structure of the “BOS Genesis Snapshot” and initial distribution of the BOS system token. The total number of BOS accounts created from the snapshot was 630949.[5] The “BOS airdrop” and spread of tokens was at a ratio of 20:1 so for every 20 EOS held in EOS accounts 1 BOS was “airdropped” on BOS accounts. Each BOS account was also assigned a small amount of CPU and RAM.

Since launch of the public BOS blockchain, the BOSCore developer network has added additional features to the underlying EOSIO codebase. On Januray 23, 2019 BOSCore implemented IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) referred to as BOSIBC or BOSIBC.IO after the smart contract accounts of the same name deployed on both the EOS and BOS blockchains.

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