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John Robert Hill (better known as Boonk Gang, born August 3, 1996), is an American rapper and social media stuntman. He is​ known for filming himself sabotaging the rules inside of establishments. [1]

Personal Life

Hill is a resident of Miami Gardens​ in South Florida​. [2] ​ In early January, 2017, he joined social media​ and in April of later that year he started his Instagram​. [2]

Instagram feed was launched, with the first video featuring Hill going behind the counter at a Popeye's fast food restaurant to steal a box of fried chicken. Within 4 months, the video gathered upwards of 1.22 million views. Thereafter, only a few videos he garnered more than 600,000 followers. [3]

On July 2, 2018, Instagram shut down his Instagram account after he posted numerous NSFW​ videos to his stories. The clips showed Boonk Gang in various positions with a woman.[35]


He has one song that was made available on his iTunes​.[4] ​ In an interview with a local NBC news station that was conducted some time after getting charged for the doughnut burglary, he admits that his stunts are real. He also claims that all of the antics that he's posted on his social media have been a part of a publicity stunt​ in order to help with the launch of his rapping​ career. [5]

Boonk Gang: The Video Game

In early September, 2017, Boonk Gang released his own mobile video game where he is the star. The game is called, Boonk Gang: The Video Game, and it acts as a high score-chasing dodge-'em-up starring the eponymous social media star-slash-rapper. Players guide Boonk as he picks up money left behind by passersby while avoiding pursuing cops and "The Man." [6]


Dunkin' Donuts Burglary

On May 7th, 2017, Boonk walked inside of a Dunkin' Donuts​ located at 18801 NW Second Ave. He yelled expletives and eventually took an entire tray filled with glazed doughnuts, walked behind a designated workers' area, and walked out of the store with the tray. [7]

On July 26th, 2017, he was charged for burglary and petit theft in the doughnut incident dating back in May. In the court appearance, Judge Hill referred Hill to a court program and got probation in the summer of 2017. [8]


On September 24, 2017, Boonk was arrested while he was publicly out with his friends at a shopping center. According to the witnesses who were with Boonk at the time of the arrest, the cop apprehended Boonk and made the arrest without precedent. The video was posted on his Instagram​. [9]

A police report was later posted on his Instagram two days later. [10]

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