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Bagjangles takes a leap of faith
Bagjangles takes a leap of faith

Bojangles is a male long-haired black cat who graced the halls of a home located at 502 Main Street Amherst, MA from October of 2014 to May of 2016. His name was inspired by Fried Chicken Establishment, Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits. It was only after that the owners found out that there was a song of the same name. [6] Bojangles was adopted from Dakin Animal Shelter in Leverett, MA by college students who were interested in eradicating a mice problem that plagued their household. What they received was not only a mouse-free home but an endless supply of entertainment for years to come. [✔]

His name has several variations due to the flexibility of the root -jangles. He has also gone by Stonedjangles when he would accompany the medical marijuana patient living in the house, Jinglejangles during Christmas time, Boxjangles when he would hide in cardboard boxes, Sleepyjangles in times of him resting, etc. The possibilities for variation are infinite because of the multiple activities that he engages in. [✔]

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