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BLOCKTV is a premier televised news source operating around the clock to educate and inform blockchain and cryptocurrency communities around the globe. [1]


BLOCKTV was founded in June of 2018 with the goal of cornering the blockchain and cryptocurrency news market. They are positioned right across the street from the Israel Diamond Exchange building in Ramat Gan, Israel, an area with a vibrant cryptocommunity. They launched their live player in early 2019 and began to livestream content 24/7 on YouTube and their own website. Soon after launch BLOCKTV found their narrative changing, they were reporting less on ICO's and crypto-billionaires and more on business closing and price falls. BLOCKTV has had the challenge of reporting about the crypto-sphere while maintaining strict independence and healthy skepticism. In addition to breaking news, podcasts, and livestreamed entertainment BLOCKTV also provides comprehensive cryptocurrency market data. [2] [+] [5]

In early 2019 BLOCKTV announced a partnership with blockchain influencing platform BountyHive. [3]

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