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Bitcore (ticker symbol: BTX) is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency that uses the Time travel algorithm. It was first announced on April 23, 2017 and the development team is located in Germany. As of December 28th 2017, the circulating supply was 2,072,685 BTX. [2]

Bitcore was created by the talented developers of Bitsend (BSD).

It combines the latest Bitcoin crypto technology, including SegWit, Core 0.14 and Bloom, together with a 10 MB block size, fast 2.5 minutes block times, a new lowsized blockchain (~400 MB) and completely new tech like the smooth Diff64_15 difficulty algorithm and the GPU-mining algorithm Timetravel10. Total coin supply, the halving schedule and the actual block reward are similar to Bitcoin.

The low blockchain size is a result of Bitcore not beeing a fork of Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Gold. Instead it uses a new blockchain which makes use of the genuine hybrid fork method.

Hybrid Fork

Bitcore is the first known cryptocurrency to use the hybrid fork method to distribute BTX to Bitcoin holders.

Instead of forking Bitcoin at a specific block and copying the blockchain, Bitcore created a new coin with an empty blockchain. On the 2nd of November 2017 a snapshot of the Bitcoin blockchain was created and in the following days approx. 5 000 000 transactions were created to fill all addresses (public keys) on the Bitcore blockchain, that had funds of 0.01 BTC or above on the Bitcoin chain. The funding ratio is 0.5 BTX: 1.0 BTC.

Is Bitcore A Bitcoin Fork?

No, Bitcore is completely new cryptocurrency with a new blockchain but it uses a technique called hybrid fork. See above for details.

Some of the basic source code for B3 was written by the talented dev Christian. However this was a side-job as an external programmer, there has never been an affiliation by the Bitcore team or by Chris with B3. Everything regarding B3 is now the full responsibility of the B3 team.

Bitcloud is a masternode coin, which is continuing to receive constant updates from Christian. However most members of Bitcore are not involved in BTDX.

Bitsend is a cryptocurrency with a network being sustained by both miners and masternodes. To allow reaching their full potential in the future, Bitsend BSD, together with Bitcore BTX are receiving the main attention from developers and the support team.

This is a direct result of the positive responses both projects continue to receive from the community.

Airdrops are available for everyone that has at least 1.0 BTX in a registered Bitcore address. They happen every Monday, the snapshot for them is usually taken between 0:00 am and 24:00 Berlin time. Make sure to have your funds in your wallet during that time frame.

To be totally sure you will get the airdrop only move your coins after you received your airdrop. An announcement will be made in the bitcointalk forum, if the snapshot for the current airdrop is done.

Bitcore (BTX) is a new cryptocurrency born out of the SegWit versus Blockchain Unlimited debate offering a radical approach:

It combines the base ideas of both sides, implementing 20 MB blocks with SegWit already activated.

On top of that other new techs are already implented like Bloom and a ASIC-resistant mining algorithm.

It was released and is currently worked on by the talented devoloppers of Bitsend.

If you are a holder of Bitcoin, you can claim your BTX for free, 1:1 according to your BTC holdings!

The idea is that BTX has basically the same specifications as BTC, meaning 16M coins in current circulation, 21M maximum in about 100 years, 10 minute block times BUT offering some great tech advantages while maintaining low transaction fees.


  • BitCore BTX
  • 21 M coins max. cap
  • 10 min blocktime
  • halving from BTC Block 462987 = BTX Block 1
  • Segwit and Bloom online
  • Core 0.14
  • 20 MB Blocksize
  • the proved retarget system from BitSend - DK3
  • Algo Timetravel10
  • halving interval BTC 1:1 BTX starts with 12.5 BTC per block [15]
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