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Bitcoin Market Journal is a website devoted to new finance and cryptocurrency investing. It offers educational resources, analyses of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and custom research services for blockchain-related technologies. [6]

Bitcoin Market Journal's articles and research reports are written by cryptocurrency investors and financial experts. In the interest of maintaining neutrality and journalistic integrity, the site does not display ads.

The site is owned by Media Shower, Inc., which is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Rich Educational Resources

Bitcoin Market Journal's educational resources cover two main areas.

First, the site offers how-to guides for bitcoin, altcoin, and ICO investing. The topics covered by guides range from the very basic, such as "How to Buy Bitcoin," to advanced content designed for experienced investors, such as  "How to Calculate the Profitability of Bitcoin Mining." [7] [8]

Second, Bitcoin Market Journal offers training services. These consist of day-long events at which blockchain experts explain how New Finance works and how investors can get started in the world of bitcoin, altcoins, and ICOs. Offered with the promise of "plain English" explanations, the training sessions are designed for investors who are new to blockchain and seek a rapid way to acquire the knowledge they need to invest effectively in the cryptocurrency space. [5]

In-Depth ICO Analysis

Bitcoin Market Journal provides lists of upcoming ICOs and analyses of them. The analyses are based on the insights of new finance experts who have studied the projects associated with the ICOs. They weigh factors such as the originality of the problem that the project proposes to help solve, the record of its leadership team, and the rewards that investors stand to gain by investing through an ICO.

The site's ICO analyses are expressed as "BMJ QuickScores," which provide numerical rankings for ICOs. It also offers written, in-depth evaluations for certain ICOs. [9]

Most of Bitcoin Market Journal's ICO analyses are available for free to website visitors,  and users can also choose to subscribe to particular ICOs in order to receive free updates about them.

Wide-Ranging Research Services

Bitcoin Market Journal offers research services for companies, institutions, and individual investors. Research services are tailored to the needs of specific clients and performed by the site's expert analysts. Each of these comprehensive reports is deeply researched and beautifully presented.

The BMJ Investor Group (BIG) Newsletter

In addition to the wealth of information provided on the Bitcoin Market Journal website, investors are also given the opportunity to subscribe to the BMJ Investor Group (BIG) newsletter. The newsletter gives subscribers access to pre-ICO opportunities that have been carefully vetted by BMJ analysts. Monthly, quarterly, and annual memberships are available.

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