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BIM One Inc. is a Canada based company founded in 2013, which offers consulting service and solutions for buildings and project coordination through their custom made software and technology.[1] [2] [6]


BIM One Inc. founded by Jimmy Plante and Carl Veillette which specializes in BIM (Building Information Modelling) technologies.[2] The company has many BIM specialists trained in Architecture, MEP, Engineering, and Civil/CIM.[2] BIM One Inc has a division, dedicated to the development of free applications.[2] The apps of BIM One Inc. are Add-Ins Manager, EXCEL IMPORT/IMPORT, Colour Splasher, NWC Batch Export, BIM Track, and Clash Sphere generator.[2] [4] [7] The company is also known as Virtual Construction and technologies BIM One Inc.[1] The company has a strategic investment with WSP (WSP Global Inc.) for the development and marketing of BIM Track software solution.[5]


BIM One Inc. provides services for project management, execution planning, coordination, and clash detection, construction sequence simulation(4D), Quality Take off and cost analysis(5D), Collecting facility and maintenance data(6D), Parametric modeling, Procedural modeling, Data-driven design, Reality Capture, Quality check, and standard compliance, Software development, training and Project BIM Audit.[2]

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