Big Bossin Volume 1

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Big Bossin Volume 1 is a Hip hop mixtape​ collaboration between Payroll Giovanni ​ and Cardo Got Wings who dive deep into traditional G-funk Gansta rap

territory of the golden triangle of the East Bay ​, Los Angeles, and Houston ​ influences. [1] [2] [3] [4]

Youtube Video
Payroll Giovanni - Big Bossin Vol.1 (Full Album) [2016] on YouTube ​.


The mixtape was released on May 13th, 2016 under the independent label of Giovanni. [5 ] ​ The Texan producer and Detroit ​ rapper complete a project full of lush beats with luxurious instrumentation that has been compared as if coasting down a California highway. [6]


Payroll Giovanni ​ and Cardo Got Wings.

In a review by Polite As Flannels, the album has been compared to the video game Grand Theft Auto ​, "Without the carjacking". [7] ​ The album is an homage to hustler rap themes related to coming up in the "game", and becoming a "Boss". [✔]

Def jam

The collaboration between the rapper and producer landed them a deal with Def Jam Recording. [9]


Intro 2:16

2 Never Seen Money 3:52

3 Big Bossing 3:13

4 Sell Something 3:40

5 Sucka Free 3:28 feat. Big Quis & Tamara Jewel

6 Brainstormin 2:59

7 Where I'm From 3:09

8 Faded 4:11 feat. Big Quis & Jade Jones

9 Real Plug 3:03 feat. Cashout Calhoun & Tamara Jewel

10 Get Yo Shine On 4:00

11 Day in the Life 4:39

12 Empire 4:16

13 My Whole Life 3:44

14 Successful 3:35 feat. Tamara Jewel

15 Top Down Money Up 4:24

16 Pile of Money 4:50 feat. Clay Baby, HBK, Dre Armani

17 Da Game 3:54

18 Outro 5:32 feat. Bylug [10]

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