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Bibhorrmetry is a mathematical system that substitutes conventional trigonometry. Attributed to an Indian aerospace engineer Bibhorr ​, the concept of Bibhorrmetry refers to the study of trigonometry deprived of trigonometric functions ​.

Bibhorrmetry is primarily grounded upon three basic notions: [1]

  1. Bibhorr law
  2. Bibhorr Leek theorem
  3. Bibhorr formula

Bibhorrmetric Nomenclature

  1. Shrav : The longest side of a right triangle that lies opposite to 90°. This is the Hypotenuse ​ in conventional trigonometry. This is represented by श्र.
  2. Lambu : The longer side of the two mutually perpendicular sides. This is represented by लं.
  3. Chhutku : The shorter side of the two mutually perpendicular sides. This is represented by छ.
  4. Bibhorr angle : The angle that lies opposite to the lambu is called Bibhorr angle; denoted by बि.
  5. Ubhorr angle : The angle that lies opposite to the chhutku is called Ubhorr Angle; denoted by ऊ.

Bibhorrmetric Arcs

In Bibhorrmetry, Bibhorr Vakra and Kālpanik Vakra are the names of the arcs that are equal in length but have different radii and angle ​.

The arc spanning between shrav of a right angle triangle and the extension of chhutku is called Bibhorr Vakra . The length of the Vakra is represented by . It is the product of Bibhorr angle बि and shrav श्र.

An imaginary arc which is considered to be in equal length with the Bibhorr Vakra is termed as Kālpanik Vakra . This arc is used as a reference for the evaluation purposes. The Vakra length is represented by . This arc is the product of Bibhorr Sthiron सि and Bibhorr Leek ल.

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